Gary and Greg's Jazz Guitar Master Series featuring jazz guitar great John Stowell

January 23 and 24, 2010 were a weekend to remember for jazz lovers in Clearwater, FL.

The weekend began Saturday afternoon when John gave a Master Class for attending guitarists.


John has taught internationally for 30 years in every educational setting. His clinic was informal and hands-on. In addition to music theory and guidelines for improvisation, John shared his professional experience with the business of music. The musicians who attended got some great tips and information on chord melody, single lines, new ideas on harmony, hands on practice and much, much more.


At 7PM hosts Nancy and Gary Relkin welcomed guests into their home and provided everyone with dinner, buffet style. This gave the guests an opportunity to meet the artist and socialize with each other.


John Stowell at the Master Series concert


The evening concert began at 8PM to a packed audience.

John played several standards in his own hauntingly beautiful style as well as a few of his own original pieces.

His unique take on harmonies, chords and improvisation provided the audience with quite the aesthetic evening that will not soon be forgotten.

The music continued Sunday,January 24th at Pangea Cafe' and International Market in Clearwater, FL. John gave another stellar performance and in the second set the musicians in the audience were invited to come up and play a tune or two with the artist.

Gary and Greg's Jazz Guitar Master Series will continue to have weekends like this in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned to find out who the next musician will be!

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Greg and John Stowell

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