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Hello, please let me know where and when Greg is playing again. It is such a pleasure to hear him with his band. I have been listening to the Above the Clouds CD. Love, Flo
Wonderfull great site
Cool site goodluck :)
I love this site
Cool site goodluck :)
I bookmarked this site, Thank you for good job!
by the way.......what happened to the es335?????????hmmmmmm? we have all sold things that we regret....I had a 1968 12 string firebird....cant even find a picture of one now.......hanging on some collectors wall somewhere......i cant wait to talk to you......pete
hey greg....go to myspace pete flynn lafayette la...lets i cant type worth a shit.....but i know music
great work man thx
It's funny goodluck
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Hi Greg, I heard your music on live Great music! Congratulations I will pass your web info to many people who could buy your CD in UK. Who distribute your CD? Regards Cesar
Do you know any tunes by "MacDuff?"
Nice videos! nice gears! Aldo-STM
Hello! You are super-talented! Great website, too! I hope to see you soon! Best, Michael
Love your site I'll show it to our tutors and students. Guitars and guitar lessons Barnsley and Rotherham
I found this site fortunately and I am really happy that I have done it
I love your website! I will try to be there ofr your party next week! Dalia
Is your B-day 24 May? I can't say, "You Rock" on this one---so I'll just say-You "Jazz!!!" Love, Tom Little International Rock-Star Platinum song Writer
Hi greg great site, I would add you gears!!! Aldo
Hey Greg, Enjoyed your web site! Let me know when you'll be playing again . If you see Gary, tell him I said hello too. Regards, Dave
Superb composition, delicious licks. Reminiscent of Govi, Denny Jiosa, with a dollop of passion on top. Great left/right-hand balance. Definitely an artist to keep an eye on!
How much for lessons?
great site...well done... where did you get the never told us that story Val
Nice site! I will play your song all day at work today- and Happy Birthday!
Cool website, Greg. I like the pics.
Nice web site Aldo
I'm digging your site Big D
Very nice web site Greg.!!!