Time - a musicians best friend

Before you get the idea this is going to be a droll dissertation on the subject of percussion and subdividing beats, have another thought. This is a fresh look at time and how to utilize time to realize your dreams as an artist or as a successful human being for that matter.


So right into it. Have you ever had a feeling of overwhelm trying to work out how the heck you were going to be able to achieve the ability to solo fluidly on your instrument on any tune? Or how would you ever be able to memorize all the tunes your band plays so you didn't have to have your head buried in a chart on stage? Or, one of the predominant one these days, how could you ever get down all the technology to be able to create a successful internet marketing strategy where you weren't stuck on the computer all day 'stead of playing your instrument or writing songs? I'm sure you've thought of your own " How will I ever.." at this point. Well, how about a simple, practical, down to earth approach utilizing time as your friend, rather than a reminder of how old you're getting? So,read on.....


Here's the drill, very simple with a specific example: Confront all you have to learn to be successful using the internet for marketing. You have SEO, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc, etc. Its daunting! Well, view it like this: if you spent, say, 30 minutes every day on the subject, that quickly adds up to 3.5 hours a week and 14.5 hours a month. Putting that kind of time into this activity is going to put you quite ahead of the game don't you think?

My own example: I'm convinced( have been for a long time) that the best way to learn jazz, blues, rock, etc is the time honored way of picking the exact solos of t your favorite players off the recordings. I did a project about 10 years ago where I took 10 of my favorite jazz guitar solos and I spent 20 minutes a day to learn them, no more, no less. Presto! In one month, I had duplicated each one perfectly, had totally analyzed them and my playing ability shot out the roof. Simply by taking causative control over that unwieldy commodity called Time, I won over the usual defeatist attitude one can get into in learning a challenging subject.

Well, go give it a shot! Apply it to any endeavor in your life and reap the benefits. Let you know how it goes!


Greg Smith

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