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 Jimi Hendrix fanzine Voodoo Child #78: Greg Smith – Beyond (Greg Smith) “Castles Made Of Sand” Smooth jazz, modern harmonies of contemporary classical music, a pinch of bebop, blues and rock are all fused with the free flow of the melodic acoustic guitar tones from Greg Smith that culminate in a gorgeous guitar album. Having been compared to Pat Metheny (who he studied with at Berklee College of Music), Michael Brecker and Alex DeGrassi, Smith is known as a chord melody specialist. Beyond is a masterful collection of tunes from the pop, jazz and classical worlds, performed on solo acoustic guitar in a playful, improvisatory style that certainly grabs your attention. Smith is not a songwriter, but an interpreter. “A good song is one of the highest art forms,” he says, “a perfection of melody, harmony and rhythm with a message that transcends the ages and the physical.” He says these are some of his favorite songs with covers ranging from “Every Breath You Take” to “Yesterday” to “My Cheri Amour” to “Here Comes The Sun” to “When You Wish Upon A Star”. As a guitar album, it wouldn’t be complete with Hendrix. “Hendrix is a major influence as I evolved as a guitar player,” Smith tells us. “My youth consisted of neighborhood pranks, teasing my sisters and the permeating influence of Jimi Hendrix's music. When I first heard the feedback interwoven into the beautiful guitar work on ‘Third Stone from the Sun’ it changed my life. “I bought Axis: Bold As Love soon after it came out,” recalls Smith. “The tune ‘Castles Made of Sand’ for some reason struck a live nerve in me. I’ve always loved ‘Castles’ and thought it would make a nice solo instrumental piece. I arranged it for solo guitar and played it for years on my gigs and I had to include it on my solo guitar CD Beyond as an old friend.” And that it is, with an exquisite example of the song in an acoustic guitar dimension. Smith has recently composed material for a string quartet and a fantasia for full orchestra, viola, and bassoon. Currently he performs weekly around the greater Tampa Bay area as a solo acoustic guitarist, as well as with numerous duos, the Heartdance band . He works as a studio musician and arranger for Artists Career Services. (2011) Review of Valgar by Greg Smith - Genre: Jazz 4.4 Smooth grooveSmooth, latin jazz feel in the intro. nice, relaxed guitar melody,well played. nice bass lines and mellow percussion. Review of Valgar by Greg Smith Genre: Jazz 4.4 Nice Nice guitar solö I like your song, it grooves and has a nice mood toit. very nice I like it, it really sounds groovy. Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody, Beat, Mood, Grooviest Rhythm. Review of Valgar by Greg Smith - Genre: Jazz 4.4 Guitar Very talented guitarist here.Just dripping with a steamy sensuality that is very engaging, butplayed with a tempered hand that speaks of many years experience.Some very impressive licks bursting through on this track. The progression takes a nice turn toward resolution around 4:14 Very well done.Extra Credit: Guitars. Review of Valgar by Greg Smith - Genre: Jazz 4.WOW! NICE SAMBA STYLE, AND A GUITARIST DELIGHT OF A SONG! YOU'VE JUST CUREDMY HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE FELLAS! LOL! SMOOTHE, INVITING, AND SIMPLY ANUNCOMPLICATED SONG! YOUR SONG'S CHORD STRUCTURES ARE NEVER PREDICTABLEOR BORING. VERY NICE CHILL MUSIC FOR A RESTAURANT OR BY MY FIREPLACEWITH MY HONEY! (smilin)Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood,Originality, Coolest Chill-Out Track. Review of Mountain Hike by Greg Smith - Genre: Jazz 3.4Nice jobVery nice melody, the lead guitar is awesome and mood is about therelax the whole neighbourhood. Cool, I like it. Review of Mountain Hike by Greg Smith - Genre: Jazz 3.4 Good I like how the guitar starts off the music and is the lead sounds like a new style of jazz to me. lead guitar is awesome itcompletes the song. mood is awesome that this song puts off good jobon that. This is a good song, keep it up.Review of Mountain Hike by Greg Smith - Genre: Jazz 3.4 RYDERS ON THE STORM?THAT'S THE FEEL I IMMEDIATELY GOT FROM THE ACOUSTIC GUITAR ENTRANCE.PLAYED VERY NICELY TOO, IN FACT! OK, NOW YOU'RE REMINDING ME OF S.AFRICA'S JONATHAN BUTLER! OK, I CAN SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING! YOUOBVIOUSLY "SLEEP, EAT, DRINK AND READ" ACOUSTIC GUITAR 24/7/365 RIGHT?HOW IS IT THAT YOU CAN DO... WITH ONE DAMN INSTRUMENT (Theoretically),WHAT OTHERS CAN'T SEEM TO DO WITH, "LEAD & BACKGROUND VOCALS, OTHERACCOMPANYING INSTRUMENTS AND SYNTHESIZERS AND OTHER FANCY PROGRAMS?"WELL, I GET IT! BUT I WONDER IF THEY'LL EVER BE READY FOR YOU! YOU'REVERY ENTERTAINING AND ABSOLUTELY AWE INSPIRING! BY THE WAY, CAN YOUGIVE A BROTHA SOME BEGINNER GUITAR LESSONS? LOL!Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Melody, Mood, Originality, MostRocking Track. Review of Mountain Hike by Greg Smith - Genre: Jazz 3.4 Right From the StartI am carried away by this song as if on a horse riding the clouds,very upbeat, yet calming and cooling, the mood is both uplifting and atiny bit melancholy. The melody is memorable, which makes this song great as a movie theme,but I wish for vocals to carry the vision further. Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody, Mood, Best Potential Movie Soundtrack. Review of Mountain Hike by Greg Smith - Genre: Jazz 3.4Surprisingly good. not a listener of jazz, but this is really good,nice and instrumental. I like it. Review of Mountain Hike by Greg Smith Genre: Jazz 3.4 NIce guitar work from the top Real cool choice of notes, good melody I could see this getting radioairplay easily, good work. Of course I would love to hear some handpercussion work in there, at least a shaker. NIce work. Oh and themood is nice Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Mood. view of Mountain Hike by Greg Smith Genre: Jazz 3.4 Amazing!!!! This song is breathtaking. It sounds somewhat farmiliar, but originalat the some time. I loved the guitar intro and melody. It soundsmelacholy and so emotional. I was crying by the end. The playing isexcellent, as is the beat. The upbeat rhythm and sad feel make me giveit a 5. Bravo! Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody, Originality, Grooviest Rhythm. Review of Orchestral Fantasia.. by Greg Smith Genre: Classical disturbing Great sound track, good quality product values, engaging type ofsound. Well played and put together. Review of Orchestral Fantasia.. by Greg Smith Genre: Classical Contemporary This song definitely breaks the mold--does many things that Iguarantee go outside of my own comfort zone as a composer. While notentirely leaving the tonal world, this piece goes into foreign modes,scales, and ideas that are much more complex that most that are beingused nowadays. But still, 8:14 of obviously electronic instruments gets just a bitgrating. This excellent work of art COMPLETELY deserves some realinstruments! Definitely not your in-the-box thinker, with some ofthese melodies and chord progressions. Keeps creating incredible newideas, stuff that I've never heard before. Only criticisms--overt use of the solo strings instrument eventuallygets just a little bit tiring. It's nice to hear it stating the melodybefore hand, but instead of using precious time on the soloinstrument, build up to more climaxes! Then at 6:16, it seems to lose its daring, exploring feel and goesinto all-too-familiar keys, using the simple timpani and flute andstrings ideas a few times to end what was otherwise an incrediblyoriginal and impressive points. NOT going to lose you any points fororiginality or melody! Excellent job overall, I'd love to see whocomposed this masterpiece! Extra Credit: Programming, Melody, Originality. eview of Figaro Tree by Greg Smith Genre: Jazz It's a trip! Wow! Pretty origional, I can't think of anything that sounds quit likeit. Well written/recorded, would love to hear it live in a coffey shopor lounge. Guitar is complex and tight for the most part. I reallylike the little break down twards the end. I'd like to hear some moreof their stuff. Great Tune! Peace Extra Credit: Guitars, Keyboards, Production, Originality, CoolestChill-Out Track. eview of Figaro Tree by Greg Smith Genre: Jazz country jazz fine rhtm guit to wait the solo one - acoustic guitars - they play asgood as they can - and they are nice - mood similar to Genesissometimes, to Metheny sometimes - I like the solo when it's going tobass register - a little less technique and a little too heart willlet this a hit. then here cames the fiddles - alive, I think - [GOOD GOOD] then theduo rhtm+solo guits came back to end the tale. Extra Credit: Guitars, Originality, Coolest Chill-Out Track. - vinsilmcjagger Review of Forties by Greg Smith Genre: Jazz Slick groove Nice slick little tune. Would fit in a tv show. I mean that in a goodway! Sounds like an experiment. - breckerbrothers- reviews (Aug 26, 2006) Greg Smith CD Release Party on September 16, 2006 Greg Smith FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE *Tampa Based Composer, Guitarist Displays Depth, Beauty and Technical Prowess on His Release “Above the Clouds” * CD RELEASE PARTY Greg Smith will be releasing “Above the Cloud, ” on Saturday September16, 2006, in his home town of Tampa, Florida. “Above the Clouds” is awarm blend of smooth-jazz, world music and new age, in a rich tapestryof Americana, served up in a style uniquely rooted in Smith’sexperiences. Smith has been a vital part of the music scene since 1966. Havingattended Berklee College of Music, Smith picked up the basics forformulating his unique approach to the guitar and composition frominfluences in school, mentors, and personal experiences that come frommany years on the bandstand. Smith has studied with Pat Metheny, LarryCoryell and Manfredo Fest. Some of his highlight performances have been with such icons as; ChickCorea, Larry Coryell, Edgar Winter, Juliette Lewis and many others.These opportunities to share the bandstand with these greats havefurther shaped Greg Smith into the player and composer he is today.“Above the Clouds, ” is a culmination of these experiences. Pleasejoin Smith and his quartet “Above the Clouds, ” as he debuts the cutsto his latest release with audiences in Florida on September 16, 2006at A Taste for Wine, it’s guaranteed to raise your awareness to awhole new level. Robert Silverstein of 20th Century Guitar describes Smiths latestrelease. Mixing straight ahead and smooth jazz, Brazilian and a touchof new age, guitarist Greg Smith strives towards gaining his own voicein the guitar world and finds it with his 2006 CD Above the Clouds. Inthe spirit of some of Pat Metheny’s jazzier , less ethereal acousticmoments, Smith’s instrumental guitar sounds often defies easy categorybut either way he grooves the spirit is quite strong on Above theClouds. Having studied in the early ‘70s at Berklee with Metheny,Larry Coryell and Jeff Berlin, the Florida based Smith is hardly anovice and throughout the CD he demonstrates a masterful touch on hisPRS, Taylor, Gitane and Yamaha guitars, Above the Clouds is awell-recorded CD filled with memorable guitar sounds. Who: Greg Smith and his quartet When: Saturday, September 16, 2006 Time: 8:30- 11:00 Where: A Taste for Wine, 241 Central Ave St Pete, Florida 33701 Venue Phone: (727)895 1623 Tickets: Free to Public Press Contact: Kari Gaffney, Kari-On Productions – 706.294.9996 Photos: E-press Kit: Kari-On Productions P.O. Box 436, Evans, GA. 30809 tel: 706.294.9996fax: 706.210.9453- Jazz and Blues News (Aug 26, 2006) GREG SMITH/Above the Clouds: Here's a guitar cat that has an impressive pedigree, has been at it for 40 years and wraps the sum total of his experience around this smooth jazz collection that is just that out ofthe ordinary jazz item you are looking for when the usual suspects seem to preoccupied with fitting the format and you need some meat to chompdown on. Smooth jazz with an edge, this is the kind of cocktail music you want playing when you let the day slide off your shoulder at quitting time and need something to help you ease into the next stage. Tasty work that acquits itself nicely.- (Aug 28, 2006) ”