REVIEW OF''BEYOND" CD     Ok, I am a guitarist, not a guitar player. There is a difference. One is something you do and the other is an art form. There are other guitarist. People like George Montgomery, George Benson, Robert Johnson. Just to name a couple. Greg Smith is yet another one and one that if you do not know yet it is your loss. Greg has a new release out that you can sample and purchase. When ever you plan a project you want to include songs that people will relate to, feel familiar with. Then you want a variety so to hold the interest of the listener. Then if you are doing cover music you want to be able to make it your own. Lastly you want to do something people will like. It has to have good technical quality as well as be warm and real. It is difficult as best to get all of this into a project. It takes class and talent and a dedication to your art. Greg Smith has indeed with " Beyond " found the way to put it all together. It is a great CD and one that you should never tire of listening to. DJ's you will want to add selection of this cd to your play list. Rosebud and I give this four paws and a wag of the tail.” - Col. Walt

— Col. Walt/ Turtle Pond Music