Why do you play Music?

So, another blog entry from yours truly-hot off the press. So, why do you play music? I'm serious, I want to know. Write me and let me know your inner most feelings on the subject.

As for me, I can state without reservation that when I don't play I feel like half a person.There is a completeness that I feel when the ideas are coursing thru me and out my fingers onto the strings that nothing else in life comes close to. There are definite sensations involved but it is not just a body sensation, its more a sensation I experience as a spiritual being. Its a feeling of instantaneous creation such as the same creation that goes into making the world around you. When I'm really plugged into it and soloing on a high level, its like there is no space separating me from the members of the audience listening and we are all one in the overall creation in progress.

Yeah!! Fun stuff to talk about! So let me hear some of your feelings on the subject.



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